Friday, May 6, 2011

My first job

There are so many people having hard time looking for a job to support their family and yes I was one of them. I feel so blessed to get hired at McDonald's as a crew. To tell you frankly, this is not my dream job but I see this as a window to good opportunity. The McDonald's where I am working now is not far from where we live. It is only 5 minute drive.

I started working yesterday, and they put me at the cashier at the drive thru. Oh my! It was sooo busy and I loved it! One of the crew was there training me how to handle the cash register and teaching me almost everything in the drive thru. In my opinion, drive thru is much busier than the dine-in, not sure if its like that in most fastfood or it is only in our branch. But anyway, so far so good and I am so excited to learn and work more.

It was so funny because the night before I work, I could not sleep at all because of excitement lol! I woke up 4am and was able to get sleep at 8am. I woke up again 11am, took care of my son and I felt sleepy at 2PM where I should get ready for work LOL! I took a 30 minute nap and left home at 3:30 for my 4pm shift. Was so sleepy when I got home from work that I just crashed in bed.

I am happy that I have supportive husband that took care of my son while I was at work and will watch him whenever he is not scheduled to work. My dad-in-law is supportive too. Actually he is the one that will babysit Zac today hehe. And guess what? Hubby will buy me a car at the end of this month so I could have my own ride going to work! Woohooo!


  1. Yay, you're working na pala Pink! Congats at ingat lagi :)

  2. Thanks te Riza! Kaya nga di na rin ako madalas magFB hehe. Saka maaga na rin ako natutulog kasi nakakapagod :D Salamat ulit :)

  3. Oo nga lalo na buntis ka. Kaya pala ala na masyado update FB mo :) Just make sure you get enough rest after work. Happy Mother's Day!