Monday, June 6, 2011

Cherokee Scrub Tops

Once again, I visited hubby's work and I was glad that all his patients loves him. Everytime I talk to his patients, they tell me how good he is and how caring he is to them. I believe them because I know he love his job and he really care about his patients.

There was a simple event in the rehabilitation where he is working when I went there. The residents where playing Bingo. Since hubby was busy talking to his bosses, I watched the residents play bingo while waiting on him. An old woman got the first prize and the prize was a stuffed toy. I was touched because she gave it to me and whispered "Give this to your son". At first I don't want to accept it because I am shy but the wooman insisted and said "I always win in Bingo and I already have lots of stuffed toys". I accepted it with a smile and thanked her. She was a darling :)

After the game, I sat in the cafeteria with a nurse. I chatted with her for a few and we just talked about how cute her pink scrub is. She told me the price of it and for me, it was a pricey. I told her to go to and she could get a better deal. I also told her that that is where I buy my husband's Cherokee Scrub tops. I still want to chat with her but hubby was done with her meeting with his bosses so we had to leave. I was happy though because the meeting was not that long and I met a co-nurse of my hubby plus I got home with a stuffed toy for my son.

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