Thursday, August 5, 2010

Biometrics Day!

I had my Biometrics for my Adjustment of Status today. My appointment schedule for it was 2PM and I have 1:20PM INFOPASS . We arrived there in the office around 12:30PM. Since it was written on the appointment schedule that digital cameras and cellphones are not allowed, we left ALL our electronics in the car except for my son's favorite toy.

Before we enter the office, we were scanned by metal detector. When we entered the premises, one of the staff gave me an application worksheet that I need to fill out and she told me to submit my appointment letter to the window. So, I submitted my papers and while I was waiting on my name to be called, I filled out the paper. My name was called and I went to the window and asked the immigration officer if I can travel to Florida on the 28th of this month and my visa will expire on the 26th. She said that I am free to travel inside the US since my Adjustment of Status is already on process then she smiled at me after saying it. After few minutes, I was called again by another woman and I handed her the application worksheet that I filled out. We went to this room and had my finger scanning and picture taken. She stamped my biometrics paper and gave it back to me.

The biometrics was pretty fast. We left almost 1PM so it only took me less than 30 mins over all.


  1. hi, i'm one of your new followers...just found you from mckmama's blogfrog community :)

    I did that biometrics few years ago and I know that feeling of looking forward that everything is over and done. wish you the best...

  2. Hi, thanks! I am excited to receive my GC soon! Hope you did leave your blog site to I could visit you back.