Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loving Florida

Yup, we finally are now here in a hotel in Fort Lauderdale. I find the Gators really friendly. We arrived here around 11AM and the weather was nice. Its not too hot and not cool at all. When we arrived Fort Lauderdale, we meet our relatives in a pharmacy so they could lead us to their house where we could stay in for few hours before check-in in the hotel where we will stay for 6 days.

It was a terrible road trip we had because my husband had toothache the night we leave. He drove here in Florida with a tooth aching :( I really felt sorry for him because he was so miserable and he had a hard time driving too but thank God we arrived safely. This morning, hubby went to the dentist and pull his tooth and now he feel much much better and I can't make him stop from talking LOL!

So far, we are enjoying Florida. Nice weather, nice place and nice people. If ever we will move, I think I want to move here :) Got to go now. We'll explore Florida YAY!

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