Sunday, August 22, 2010

Making others’ beautiful

Guest post written by Adrienne Wiles

I couldn’t see myself doing anything except styling hair. Growing up, I always styled my dolls’ hair and dyed my friends’ hair in high school.

It isn’t just making people look and feel beautiful that I love, it’s also getting to talk to people and getting them to open up. My mom always said that I was a talker and this is a job where that’s kind of an advantage.

But there are certain things about this job that are a little tough, like having to be on my feet all day. Also there are some days when you just don’t feel like talking and being super friendly, but that’s just all part of being a hair stylist. It can also get pretty noisy in the salon at times when everyone has their blow dryers going at full blast and talking to their clients. I mentioned to one of my clients a few weeks ago that it was hard to hear what my customers are saying sometimes and she suggested that I go and get a free hearing test. I did and after I took a look at some hearing aids prices I got fitted with some.

None of my clients or co-workers have mentioned them yet, which is even better!

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