Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I-693 (medical exam for AOS)

So I went to Civil Surgeon this 1:00 in the afternoon to have my medical done as part of AOS (Adjustment Of Status) requirement. The medical exam was actually pretty quick. They drew blood in me and ask for some few questions like how long I have been here in the US and what visa do I have. As for the Physical Exam, the CS only checked my ears, my eyes, my breathing, my tongue and my reflex. Thank God! it wasn't like the Physical Exam at SLEC that you have to undress (including your underwear) and you'll only wear lab gown LOL! The CS looked at my vaccination sheet from SLEC and he saw that I have to have TD shot and HPV shot. I handed him the proof of my TD shot (that I just had last May,2009) and told him that I already had it. He then looked at it, smiled and said that I am excuse in getting HPV shot because I am pregnant. After that, I told him that I just had TST (TB Skin Test) last Feb. 2009 and asked him if I need to get it again. He said "No, TST result is good til one year." What a relief on my side LOL! I handed him the TST result and my XRAY result stating that I am NEGATIVE in TB :) The CS was actually pretty nice and he looks cool (hindi siya mashadong serious hehe :D). He then fill out the I-693 and he asked me to sign it. He said that he will just send it back to me next week via snail mail.

The medical fee is $259.00 (payment includes HIV antibody, Syphilis screen, TB Skin Test, Physical Exam and the CS fee) PLUS additional payment for each vaccines that I need to have (TD and HPV). But since I already had TST then they deducted $15 plus I don't have to pay for TD shot as I already had it too. So all in all, I only paid $244 :)

I got out from the CS office quarter before 2:00PM and went straight to Blimpie's with my dad-in-law as the baby in my tummy was hungry again LOL! Oh well! at last i am done with my medical and all I have to do next is to compile papers (again!) for AOS.

NOTE: The statement above was based on my experience. Other people might encounter different rates/fees on medical and some CS might require them to redo their TST. I just shared this experience as reference to people who needs to redo their expired medical (like I was).


  1. thanks for sharing its a great help for everybody whos doing this process.

  2. no prob! i am just here to help :)