Sunday, October 4, 2009

2nd visit to the specialist

Last Monday (Sept. 28, 09) was our second visit to our baby's specialist (I know, I am late in updating my blog hehe). We finally met our baby's Urologist (after they canceled our Sept. 21st sched). At first, they performed ultrasound to the baby and checked his kidneys including his heart, lungs, brain etc. It was funny as our baby was kicking and was so active on during the ultrasound. Maybe he was thinking "What do you guys doing on my mommy's belly?" or maybe he was so excited because it is time for us to see him again (Aww!). I so love seeing our baby moving around my belly. The feeling is so indescribable and I want to gigil him every time i see him on screen hehe.

After performing the ultrasound, the Urologist talked to us (hubby and me). He said that the amount of fluid they found in both of his kidneys has still the same amount as last month (6-7mm). He said that our baby seems be a healthy one (except his kidneys of course!). He also said that we shouldn't worry much as 80% of this kidney condition heals itself once the baby is born. But of course they still need to monitor the baby's kidney every month and the urologist also told us that the baby will going to have 3 more ultrasounds once he is born. One of the ultrasound that he mentioned is KUB (Kidney Urine Bladder). Our Urologist is working side by side with Perinatologist (An obstetrician who practices maternal-fetal medicine for patients with high risk pregnancies).

I am 7 months pregnant now and i'll be able to hold our baby few months from now. Oh my! I really can't wait :D BTW, here is pic of me taken in the restroom before I see the specialist lol!

I know, my belly doesn't look like 7 months. Most of them think that I am only 4-5 months preggy. But what can I do? I eat A LOT but gains only few pounds. I guess it is because of my metabolism. The picture below is the latest ultrasound pic of our baby :)


  1. That is awesome that the kidney's have remained the same size - 6-7 is awesome! By 7 months, Ethan's were more like 12-14!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I know :D we were actually hoping that it'll be lower than that but of course we are happy that at least it didn't get higher than that :)