Friday, October 9, 2009

Gift from Norm :)

I called work this morning to tell them that I can't go to work as I have some sore throat and some cough (which I am thinking some reactions from the flu shot I had yester) when they told me that I have a bag of baby stuff from Norm. Norm is a retired man who is also working as a volunteer in the hospital. After I ordered ice cream cake at DQ (for my husband's bday celeb tom) we went straight to the hospital to pick up the bag and aww! they are full of goodies for the baby :) The bag has a pair of shoes, a teeter, a sleeper, a bib, shirts and oh my! there are plastic clothes hangers too for the baby. You know, I have been thinking of buying those hangers and I am happy that I have 'em now :D I wonder how did he read my mind LOL! I'll call Norm tomorrow to thank him about it. I am sure that the baby is happy and I am sure that he feel loved already even though he wasn't born yet .

I love old folks not because they remind me of my lola (grandma) who passed away but I really think that old folks are cute hehe :D I specially admire those retired people who dedicate their time in helping other people by doing good deeds and giving help to others. May God bless those people and I am sure that there is always place in heaven for them.

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