Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to my asawa!

Yup, it is his birthday today!! YAY! I hope he likes the watch i bought for him :) It kinda sad though as we can't celebrate it today because he is scheduled to work. So we just decided to celebrate it on his off (this coming Saturday). Today is also the 4th year that we became lovers. Aww! I can't believe that it is already 4 years and wow! we are still like newly weds lol! I mean, we are still soooo sweet with each other like newly weds which I am glad that we are :) caz I know some couples that they aren't that sweet anymore to each other after few years of marriage.

Oh btw, I had flu shot today and my arm is a lil' bit sore and not only that, I am also having some cough. They say that it is safe to pregnant women so I decided to get it and they say that it doesn't only protect the mother from influenza but also the baby. I am hoping to get H1N1 vaccine this month too.

Ok! got to go to bed now and sleep because I have to wake up early morning tomorrow. Good Night!

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