Thursday, May 14, 2009

Morning Sickness

This morning around 10:30AM was my first morning sickness. I was hoping that I won't have it as I am already now in the 7th week of my pregnancy. I went to the doctor last Tuesday and the nurse said that I gained 1 lbs and 6 oz. I actually thought I gained more than that hehe. Aside from morning sickness, I am always constipated waaahhh! and I am very picky in eating foods :( and my smelling powers is getting more sensitive lol!

My arm is still sore as I had Td shot last Tuesday :( I can't lift my arm yesterday and until now but I feel much better now than yesterday. It always make me smile everytime I think of I am pregnant, that there is a baby in my belly and I can't wait to hold our baby in my hands soon :) I am loving pregnancy as of now inspite of the weird changes in me hehe.

I get myself busy nowadays by reading articles about pregnancy and baby stuff, thinking of baby names and canvassing for pregnancy clothes and baby stuff. YAY! I can't believe that I am gonna be a mother soon!!! :D