Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Renewal of Passport

We went to Chicago,IL last week to renew my passport. My Philippine passport will expire next month so I really had to renew it. I actually feel fortunate that the nearest PH embassy is only 4 hour drive from our  house unlike with some filipino/as that needs to fly to get to the nearest embassy. But anyway, here is the list of the requirements I submitted:

1. Accomplished E-passport form
2. My latest passport
3. Photocopy of the 1st and 2nd page of my passport
4. Photocopy of my green card and state ID
5. Self-addressed stamped flat rate envelope with tracking number from USPS (I paid $5.76)
6. Passport renewal fee ($60)

*Note: Every individual has a different case so you better call or visit the website of the embassy with jurisdiction over the state in which you live for your individual requirements.

We got there 54 mins early before they opened so we decided to eat in the nearest Italian restaurant for breakfast. I didn't get bored waiting on time as I was busy looking and observing everything in Chicago. I saw lots of people walking and trying to get to their destination and I also noticed the traffic we encountered. I guess I am not use to seeing lots of people around me now because we live in a suburb plus the traffic here is not as heavy as there. The people seemed nice to us tho :)

Anyway, going back to my passport application, we came back to the building and saw a line. An officer there asked for my requirements one by one. He made sure that I have them ALL, and also, that is where you have to pay for the renewal fee. After a couple of minutes of waiting, my name was called and I was asked to go to the other room. The room was full of applicants waiting. An employee there probably saw that we have an infant with us so she was gracious and kind to us. She let us sit in the comfiest couch in the room, yay! :) After an hour of waiting, my name was called and my passport photo was taken there. The employee also made me sure that the info I gave to them was right., and oh yeah! they also took my finger prints there and that was the last step of the processing.

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