Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3 AM

This past few days i keep on waking up around 3 AM nuking in the kitchen for something to eat. And mind you, I just don't eat snack but I make meals lol! I make rice and porkchop and sometimes I eat steak. There are lots of changes in me when I get pregnant specially in terms of eating. Before, I use to like putting egg in my ramen noodles, but now that I am pregnant, I can't eat my ramen with egg. I love cheese, but now, I don't like cheesy foods like mac and cheese. Somtimes when I am doing some things, I'll feel all sleepy and I'll end up stopping what I am doing and lay down for awhile. Oh well! pregnancy is weird but it is also fun at the same time knowing that we'll have our baby soon :)

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