Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A blastful one year

I arrived here in Indiana Airport at exactly 8:05PM of September 16th 2008. In few hours from now, I'll be one year here in the US :)

I remembered my lay over in Japan. I spent 2 hours waiting on my second flight going to Chicago with 2 other Pinays that I met in the airport. They were nice to me and I enjoyed our conversation. At my POE (Chicago O 'Hare), the Immigration officer who interviewed me didn't ask much questions about my papers. When I reached Indiana Airport, I stopped by first at the nearest restroom to fix myself as I want to look and smell good for him after the 24 hours flight. As I was walking going out of the airport, my heart was beating so fast as I was excited to see my hubby. I immediately saw my husband holding a can of Mt. Dew. We ran towards each other and we excitedly hugged and kissed.

My one whole year here in the US was a blast. I met my all my in-laws, I love my nieces, nephews and the rest of my hubby's relatives, I am working as a volunteer in a hospital (love doing it), met new Pinay friends, experienced US holidays and festivals, became more familiar with American foods and most of all I am pregnant to our first child :)

To my asawa: I am blessed of having you in my life and I enjoyed every moment I spend/ing with you.You are an answered prayer and I am looking forward for more more years of spending my life with you. I love you so much and I never regret moving here in the US with you. *tsup* *tsup*

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