Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Papers I brought on my USEM interview

Here is the list of the papers I brought on my USEM interview. I know that I am quite over prepared hehe but I just want to be all prepared because you never know on what kind of paper the consular might ask *wink* The best of luck to all the visa applicants!

UPDATE (Mar. 22, 2011):

*You don't really have to Red Ribbon your Marriage Certificate as the NSO Marriage Certificate is already sufficient enough to submit. I actually regret doing that because it was just a waste of money and time.

*During 2007, DELBROS is the courier who delivers the Visa to the applicants. USEM doesn't use them anymore, instead they are using AIR21.

*The reason why I brought blank DS Forms on my interview so in case I made an error in answering my DS Forms then I have a blank form to correct my mistake.

*Don't forget to pay your Visa fee before your interview date or else the guard in USEM won't let you in. Also, write your name at the front OR back of the payment receipt so in case you lost it (crossing my fingers) then noone can claim it.

1. Yahoo chat logs
2. Greg’s phone bills (Mobile Caller)
3. Greg’s phone bills (AT&T)
4. Dian’s PLDT Phone Cards
5. Western Union Receipts
6. Emails
7. Text Messages (print outs)
8. Pictures
9. Greg’s E-Tickets evidence going to the Philippines (4 times)
10. Greg and Dian’s Airfare evidence going to Visaya (Cebu Pacific)
11. Greg and Dian’s Sea fare evidence going back to Manila from Boracay
12. Greg and Dian’s Bus fare MNL-Baguio-MNL (Victory Liner)
13. Hotel receipt

1. Friendster Testimonials
2. Greg’s emails to Dian’s relatives
3. Dian’s emails to Greg’s relatives
4. Dian’s friend’s testimonial
5. Manila Zoo tickets
6. Enchanted Kingdom tickets

1. NSO Marriage Certificate (with receipt)
2. DFA Marriage Certificate (red ribbon)
3. Marriage Contract
4. Marriage Contract (Certified True Copy)
5. Greg’s Divorce Decree
6. Wedding Receipt (Max’s Restaurant Receipt)
7. Wedding Ring Receipt (Suarez’s Receipt)
8. Wedding Pictures

1. Dian’s SSS ID (Married Name)
2. Dian’s PHILHEALTH (Married Name)
3. SKY Cable Monthly Bill (Married Name)

1. DS 156 (2 copies, with answers and signature)
2. DS 156 (2 copies, blank copy)
3. DS 157 (2 copies, with answers and signature)
4. DS 157 (2 copies, blank copy)
5. 2pcs. 2x2 Visa Picture

1. Tax Returns (2006 & 2007 from IRS)
2. W2s
3. Notarized Affidavit of Support
4. Salary Pay Stubs

*Greg’s Proof of Identity
1. Birth Certificate
2. Passport (photocopy)
3. ATM (photocopy)

*Dian’s Proof of Identity
1. NSO Birth Certificate (with receipt)
2. Baptismal Certificate
3. Elementary Diploma (St. Jude Academy)
4. Highschool Diploma (St. Jude Academy)
5. College Diploma (AMA University)
6. Caregiver Diploma (ACTEC)
7. Caregiver Certification (TESDA)
8. Employment Certificate (TRI-ISYS)
9. Dian’s Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)

1. Letter from the Embassy
2. Interview Appointment Schedule (Email)
3. Dian’s 2 valid ID
4. DELBROS Receipt (Metrobank)
5. Visa Fee Receipt (BPI)
6. Medical Receipt (SLEC)
7. Medical Vaccination Record (SLEC)
8. Pen
9. Jacket
10. Rosary and MOST OF ALL Prayers

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