Wednesday, December 16, 2009


One time while my hubby was driving, we passed by a bridge. I asked him, "how do bridges handle all the heavy metals?" He said "Of course, with the help of washers". At first, I didn't get what he was talking about til he explained what washers are.

He said that they don't just use ordinary washers. I thought washers are just ordinary bolts, screws and flat metal, but no, the washers that needs to be used should be high strength washers and extremely made of high enduring materials. He said that washers are not only being used in bridges but there is also Highway Washers, Aircraft Washers, Shipbuilding Washers and Construction Washers. I suddenly looked at him while he was driving and wondered "How did he know all of these?" and all of a sudden I realized that "Oh yeah! he worked in construction before he became a nurse". Hubby also mentioned that Baco Enterprises is the company where to order standard and specialty washers.

Sometimes you'll just be surprised of what your partner knows LOL! Sometimes you'll just be amazed of how things were built. Oh well! I learned something that day and of course I had fun with my hubby :)

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