Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ice Skating

We went ice skating to Circle Centre Mall yesterday and we leave the house around 6PM then stopped by at Wendy's to eat dinner.We walked few blocks from the parking lot to the Ice Skating in cold weather, then when we got in there, we had to be in loooong line to buy tickets. It was all worthy it though when we started skating. I don't really know how to skate. The last time I skate was when I was 12 yrs old. I stayed near the rink most of the time because I was afraid that i'll fall and yeah I did lol! I fell three times lol! but I didn't care, I stood up and pretended that nothing happened lol! I mean who cares? Even professional skaters fall so I didn't care to fall ( yeah, that's the spirit lol!).

On our way going back to the parking lot, there were bunches of gangs yelling at each other. They were yelling about football game then that's the time I remembered that it Saturday and we were at downtown Indianapolis where Lucas Stadium (home field of Colts) is at. I thought there was a riot because of how they threw words to each other but Thank God there wasn't.

We all got home pass 12Am, tired with sored ankles lol! The reason why it was fun for me, beside that i was able to ice skate again, is that we went there with almost the whole family (except my hubby, my son and my dad-in-law). We were 25 people last night! It was family bonding and something that I am hoping to happen again :)

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