Thursday, January 7, 2010


The weather today is nasty. It is snowing outside and it says on the news that the snow will be 3 to 6 inches high. Jeez! I know that it is not that bad compare to the other states but still, I feel like I am trapped inside our house every time it is snowing. I use to like snow on the first time I got here in the US. I liked it because there is no snow in the Philippines and now I surely doesn't like winter LOL!

This morning, before my husband go to work, I made sure that he has blanket and candle with him. Those will at least make him warm in case the heater of the car goes bad because of the bad weather. I also made sure that his cellphone is full charged so he can call us in case something goes wrong. I also keep on telling him not to speed (although he really don't speed hehe) because i want him to be safe.

How I wish it is already spring tom :(


  1. I told you that you wouldn't like winter after don't it? I love you..Thanks for dealing with winter to be with me..

    I will love you forever, Greg

  2. Hey baby! you need to make me feel warm all winter :p

    I love you so much *tsup tsup*