Sunday, February 22, 2009

my 1st day on my volunteer job

I volunteered in a hospital which is located near our house and last Friday was my first day on my job. The reason why I volunteered is because I want to be productive and i would rather be an asset in the community than a liability plus doing something for a cause is better than just staying at home and do nothing hehe. I like the staff at the hospital where i am working at. They are friendly and you'll always see smile on their faces. I have a co-volunteer which is more than 60 yrs. old and he is known as "tootsie roll man". He is a volunteer in that hospital for more than 20 years now and he is called tootsie roll man because he always give tootsie roll to all the kids and old people that he sees in the hospital. Ain't he sweet? He also gives tootsie roll to the nurses and other staff of the hospital and he told me that he don't just give tootsie roll to everybody but to only those people that he likes. Guess what??? He gave me tootsie roll! YAY! *doing my happy dance*

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