Friday, February 13, 2009


Mmmmmmmmm my pinay friend and i went to this Chinese Buffet Restaurant and we ate til we can't get up from our seats lol! This is the second Chinese Buffet Restaurant that i have eaten. My hubby and I usually just go to this nearest restaurant that is close to our house but this restaurant where my friend and i just ate can't be compared to that resto as mmmmmmmmmm i love their food specially the rice pudding and the seafood salad. Here was my first plate.

From the left in a clockwise direction is my all time fave General Chicken Tzo's, Chicken BBQ, Beef with broccoli, mushroom with sauce and fried rice. In the picture below is Crab meat, dumplings, stuffed mushroom, shrimp, seafood salad and rice pudding. I never thought that i will love the rice pudding til i tried it today. I don't know on how to describe what it taste like but it's like soft "biko" with milk hehe. I would really wanna go back to that resto sooner as i am craving for their foods again while i am writing this lol!

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