Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thanks Ellen :)

There is one talk show that always makes my day complete, and that is "Ellen". I love watching this show because Ellen Degeneres is so funny and she always cracks me up. I love her games, especially the blindfold musical chairs. I also like the video clips and pictures that they show as most of them are funny and cute. There is a segment on her show wherein they discover their audience talents and yes, they have a talented audience. The show has a DJ who plays music anytime the guests come and at the beginning of the show wherein Ellen usually dances with the audience. I really love the whole concept of the show. I love Ellen Degeneres as she is a funny and bubbly person who loves dancing and animals. I have been watching this talk show since before i left the Philippines and I wish that I could watch this show live as I am now here in the US.


  1. Hey! Nice blog!! And I absolutley agree with you that Ellen is great! She can make anyone smile!
    Hope you will have a great weekend.

  2. hi helena,

    it is nice to hear from you :) i just visited your blog again and i added it to my list of friends so that i can easily just visit your blog anytime i want to. i hope you don't mind that :) have a great day!!