Sunday, March 1, 2009

my first mass

Yesterday was my first mass here in the US. I noticed that there is nothing really difference between the Catholic mass in the Philippines compare to the mass here in the US except from each seats here has books wherein you can read the lyrics of the songs and the bible verse. In the Philippines, we have this big screen wherein you can read the lyrics, responses and bible verse. And oh yeah, another difference is during the offering, I noticed that some people has an envelope where they put their offering so i asked my friend Heidi (the one who invited me to attend the mass) on where can i get envelopes. She said that only members of the church has envelopes like that and so if I want to have envelopes then i need to be a member and they will mail those envelopes in my address.

I was baptized as a Catholic, all my family members are Catholic, I studied in a Catholic school from kinder til I graduated Highschool but I started joining the Christian Service (Born Again) when i met my officemate Andrea. I think I like Christian more than Catholic as I feel like I grew more (spiritually) in Christian than in Catholic. Actually, I really don't mind attending mass or service as I believe that there is no religion that can save you, yes religions can guide you but it is still your faith in God that will save you and I know for sure that I am worshiping the right God.

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