Saturday, March 21, 2009

Trauma with Rottweiler

It was 70F yesterday afternoon so i decided that it is a great time to walk our 1 yr old Black Lab in the neighborhood. While I was walking, our dog broke the strap of the leash and she ran. She ran infront of the cage of our neighbor's dog that has a grown up Rottweiler and a grown up Boxer. The neighbor's dogs went to my dog and they kinda smell each other and growled to each other a little. I was like oh nooo! i don't want my dog to fight with other dogs especially with 2 grown up dogs. So i called my dog to come to me but she didn't to me. Then the owner of the dogs came and told me not to worry as his dogs are gentle giants. He grabbed my dog and gave it to me since i don't wanna get closer to their area.

On my way home, I was carrying my dog in my arms when I heard the rottweiler running towards us. I was sooo scared and my whole body felt cold as I thought that the Rot will bite me and my dog. I dropped my dog and the Rot came to her. I thought they will fight and the rot will tear up my dog but no, they just smelled each other and they both ran away. They seemed to be both happy to be outside their yards. The guy who owns the rot came and try to catch his dog while I am catching mine but my dog came to him (instead of me lol!) when we both called my dog's name. He then carry my dog and gave it to me. He said that I don't need to worry as his dog won't bite and he understands if I am scared of rot. Well, who is not afraid of rot? lol! I thanked him for getting my dog and I walk again going home carrying my dog. He then noticed that it seems like I am having hard time carrying my dog and he noticed that I am still scared that the rot might come back to us so he offered to walk with me going home and carry my dog. I said ok as I am really still scared of the rot and oh my! my dog is heavy lol!

I got really traumatized of that incident and I don't know if I can walk my dog again :( I don't wanna be bitten by a dog plus I don't want my dog to fight of be killed by other dog :( This is not the first time i walked my dog and actually I had a plan of walking my dog at the park on summer and bring her with us wherever we'll go but I don't think that that is still possible because of what happened. Hopefully soon, I'll be over with this incident but until now, I am still traumatized :(

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