Saturday, March 28, 2009

I am proud of my dog :D

We bought a dog house for our dog last week, then last 4 days ago, she got soaking wet because it rained and she didn't go inside her house. She has never been in a small, closed pen. That is why she didn't wanna go inside her dog house. The next morning, I trained her by putting her food bowl inside her house so that she would start going in her house. She was so funny because while she was eating her food half of her body was inside the house and half of it was outside so what I did was I pushed her butt to get her whole body inside the house lol! I did this everytime I fed her.

Tonight, I heard thunder and saw lightning from outside so I asked my husband to get our dog and let her stay inside our house so she wouldn't get wet again caz she might get sick. When hubby came in from our yard he said " our dog is inside her house". I was so happy that I couldn't believe what he said so I looked outside the window and yeaahhh! she was inside her house lol! I think my training paid off and I am so proud of our dog :D

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