Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dual Flush Toilets

I love watching this certain channel where most of the shows are about people buying properties. One of the couple in the show got my attention. They were looking for a house to buy and their major requirement is that the house should be eco-friendly. I noticed that all the houses that they are choosing from has this Dual Flush Toilets.

In the show, the couple discussed why they want a house that has a dual flush toilet. They said that it will help save water and it would save people money. According to them, toilet repair is also much easier and hassle free with a dual flush toilet. Now a days, you can buy a Dual Flush Conversion kit of which you yourself can install in your toilet. Buying it comes with an instruction manual so you don't need to pay a plumber to install it.

Before, I always thought that being eco-friendly was all about saving electricity and recycling trash. I forgot how valuable water is to our lives and that we should also save water as water is one of our basic needs. We should help our mother nature and think green and start a new green lifestyle.

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