Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two nights seems like forever

My poor husby worked 80 hours 2 weeks ago and 80 hours last week when he finally got his day off this whole weekdays (Mon-Fri) but he never enjoyed his off. He got sick from Monday night until Thursday afternoon :(

I was so worried about him and he was all I am thinking of while I was at work. I was like "I wonder if he can eat now", "I wonder if he is feeling better now". Ten minutes before I clock out, I called home to remind dad to pick me up at work when my husband answered the phone and said that "I will pick you up". I was like " Are you sure you are feeling better now?" he said "Yeah, I was already moving around the house while you were gone". I was happy and surprised when he said that. Then he said "I want us to go somewhere tonight so I'll pick you up". He put a big smile on my face when he said that. I told myself "Aww! He will date me lol!" and "oh my! I can sleep with him in our bedroom at last lol!" He didn't want me to be sick so we have no choice but to separate ourselves from each other. He slept in our room and I slept in the couch for 2 days lol! Those two nights seems like forever for the two of us :(

So after work, we did some groceries, shopped for his shoes and winter boots for me and of course, we eat out :) I love spending time with my husband and I always cherish every second that I am with him. I am happy that we both love each other and I am happy that we both find ways on how can we spend time with each other.

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