Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dubai Hotel Special Deals

I spoke with my cousin who is working in Dubai as a bartender. I told him that we want to have a vacation in Dubai and we also want to meet him there. Of course, I asked him about the hotel accommodation and what airlines he can suggest. He suggested two airlines, Etihad and Emirates.

Tourists usually visit Dubai in events like IRB Dubai World Rugby 7's and that is the season when I want to see Dubai. We are planning to take Emirates Airlines from Emirates to Dubai. I heard that it is a good airline. Now that we already have Airline to take what's next to figure out is what hotel in Dubai we should rent. Hotels in Dubai aren't that expensive as what others thought, that is according to my cousin. You can actually find reasonable hotels specially if you'll book the last minute in Jumeirah Beach hotels.

I have seen pictures in Dubai and it is truly a place that must see. I can't wait to explore the place and have fun with my cousin in Dubai.

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  1. im in Abu dhabi, post your visit here im looking forward. it is indeed a beautiful place hope i can give you info about this place.

    i added you in my link and followed also.