Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine Gift

Hubby called me and said "I'll be home late because I'll go to a store" I asked "What store and what will you buy in the store?" he replied "I'll buy you a gift which is none of your business" we both laughed. After few minutes, he called again, "I am buying you a digicam, what kind do you want?" I was happy when he said he is buying me one but I was hiding my happiness from him on the phone LOL! I replied "Why are you buying digicam? that is expensive besides we still have digicam" he answered "Let's send it to the Philippines or its up to you on what do you want to do with it" he continued "Listen, I am buying you a gift. So, what kind of camera do you want?" I replied "I want Nikon touchscreen" (yeah, pakipot pa ako sa umpisa LOL!). Hubby said "There is no Nikon here, all is here is Canon, Sony, Casio, Kodak, Philips ,.,". I was browsing Nikon camera on net while he was mentioning those brands. I shockingly said "Oh my! Nikon cost almost $300" hubby replied "Oh baby! you are not that worth it" LMAO! So at the end of the conversation we decided to just delay buying digicam and think about it more.

He came home carrying plastic bags full of baby stuff and he handed me chocolate in a heart shaped box. He said "I don't want to give you my Valentine gift" I said "What is your gift?" he replied "Something you can wear". When he said that, my first thought was a sexy lingerie so I told him "No way! I love my granny panties". We both laughed and I said to him "Common show it to me, where is it?" he said "Ok, stay here". He then went to his truck and took my gift. He gave me a rectangular red box and I opened it. I was happy because it was a beautiful sparkling bracelet. I looked at the price and I was shocked. I asked him "Where did you get money for this?" he said "I was paying that bracelet since September which you don't know" I was still stunned. "It was suppose to be my Christmas gift to you but I just fully paid it now so it turned out to be my Valentine Day gift". I usually jump up and down whenever I am happy or something makes me excited but this time, I was stunned lol! The bracelet has 16 topaz stones. He said "When I saw it, I know it describes you and it belongs to you". Awww! I so love it :)

Thank you baby for this gift :) I love you so much and Happy Valentine and you are the sweetest eveeerrr!!!

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