Sunday, January 23, 2011

I want to make a snowman

I love Carhartt for women apparel. I actually own some pairs of socks and gloves from Carhartt and I'll tell you what? They make me feel so warm in this winter season. My hands normally get dry because of the coldness of the weather here in Indiana, but wearing gloves makes my hand protected from the cold weather.

I was born and raised in the Philippines so I prefer warm weather, but when I moved here in the US, I always bundle up myself because I don't like cold weather. I love wearing socks Wigwam too, it makes my feet really warm. If I am going to go outside on winter, I will not just wear an ordinary socks, I wear Wigwam socks.

I was wondering on how does mail carriers, construction workers and road workers survive working in the cold weather, so I asked my husband on how those people who works outdoor survive during winter season. He jokingly said "They wear all their clothes" lol! After our laughter, he told me that they wear thermal clothing and work pants so they won't get cold and they can do their job properly.

This is my third winter here in the US and this season, I will build a snowman. I have never built a snowman before and this time I will surely make one and of course, I will bundle up myself so I won't be freezing cold in the snow.

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