Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our family New Year's resolutions

Guest post written by Abigail Waterson

A few years ago my husband got the idea that we should make at least one family New Year's resolution every year together. He said that resolutions are about self-improvement, but that we could work on improving our family as a whole too while we were making resolutions. I thought that he was right, so we've been making one a year since then.

A few weeks ago I looked on the internet to try and find some ideas about what we could do this year. While I was doing that I came across some information about satellite internet providers and found one that I really liked. I decided to check it out and ordered a package for our home internet service.

This year our family New Year's resolution is to eat meals together as a family. Mealtime together is when we all get to pause and catch up with each other and whenever we pick up or bring home food, we tend to go to our rooms and eat separately. Well, no more of that this year, but I think everyone will like this resolution.

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