Saturday, January 22, 2011

A night with Pinay friends

I spent my night last night with my Pinay friends here in town. We stayed in one of my friend's house and we cooked Chicken Adobo and our all time favorite Leche Flan. It was a night to remember because it was fun chatting with them while we were all busy in the kitchen cooking. There was never ending laugh which made my tummy hurt after hearing funny stories from them.

After eating dinner, we played Wii Sports. My friend and I played the "canoeing" and we both looked so silly paddling. We both had no direction to go lol! It was really funny because it was both our first time to play that game so we both looked crazy paddling so hard to reach the finish line. Of course, I am the winner!! Woohoo! lol! We also played almost all the games in Wii Sport. We played the archer, table tennis, cycling, power cruising, frisbee and swordplay.

I really enjoyed playing the conoeing even though it made my right arm sore after playing that night.

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