Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2010

I miss all the fireworks, abundant food and my family in the Philippines. In our house in the Philippines, we are all busy and excited every New Year's Eve. My mom prepares the food on late afternoon for our "Medya Noche" (New Year's Eve dinner) and when the clock ticks 8:00PM, we will all attend the mass. After the mass, there will be street party, exchange gifts between neighbors, food, music, games and picture taking. The party normally finishes an hour before New Year's Eve.

In our house, after the party, we prepare the table for the Medya Noche. And when the clock hits 12:00AM, we all jump! Yes! We jump! lol! It was a filipino belief that you will grow taller when you jump in New Year's Eve. After few jumps, we will fire the fireworks (if ever buy some) and eat dinner afterwards. One of the most exciting part is,.,.,.,., we have exchange gifts in the house. I so miss the New Year in the Philippines :(


  1. Iba talaga tayong mga pinoy magcelebrate. Bawi ka na lang when you get back home:)

  2. Korek! Masmasaya pa rin sa Pinas.