Monday, January 24, 2011

Shopping vs Crowd

When we shopped last Midnight Sale, I could believe how crowded it was. We arrived at the store an hour before the midnight sale hoping that we would be able to buy Christmas gifts and be the first in line. I thought an hour before the sale is already early but I guess not! All the customers in the store was busy walking around and shopping. I could not even walk because of the crowd plus I am afraid that I might ran over someone.

I was actually glad that the store had stanchions and velvet rope in the counter to control the traffic. There were also barricades for the security of everybody. That night, I realized how important crowd control was. Without it, the shopping event would be a total chaos and the store it would be unsafe for all the shoppers.

We got home happy because we were able to buy Christmas gifts to all our loved ones and most importantly, we were all safe against the crowd.

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