Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Hubby and I talked about our insurance plan because we noticed that we pay too much to the insurance that we have for small benefits that they offered us. I am not actually happy to the vision and dental plan that we have. I am thinking of an alternative dental plan for the both of us.

Insurance now a days is really expensive and sometimes you still have to pay large amount for the co-pay fee. I am actually thinking of just switching to companies who offers discount plan. There are now lots of companies like that because not all can afford insurance plan.

I am thinking of Ameriplan as our alternative to insurance. I visited their website and they offer very affordable prices and not only that, they have this plan called Total Health Package which covers the whole member of the household. It covers the dental, vision, hearing, medical and prescription drug. Vision healthcare is very important to both me and my husband because we bought have poor eyesight so I am very glad that they included it already in their package.

I believe that sooner or later, the government will require everybody to have health insurance but not everybody can afford it so I believe that health plan like this is a very good alternative to health insurance for those people who has low income and can't afford health insurance.

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