Thursday, May 13, 2010

Senior Technology

Guest post written by my friend Sam Liam

When I was younger I can remember taking a lot of abilities for granted such as the ability of sight, smell and hearing. However, I found that these things should not be taken for granted because they tend to fade as we get older. When my hearing started to decline I was worried that there was nothing I could do. Most of all, I worried about my quality of life and I thought that I would miss out of the special occasions in my family. These things include graduations, weddings and even local football games that I enjoyed attending. When my hearing started declining I became very worried and hoped for a solution. After speaking to my cousin she told me about the Miracle Ear products and solutions. She had suffered a 50% decline in hearing within the last two years until she decided to purchase a hearing aid. This is a Hearing aid that cost her just $653 with a free hearing exam. The hearing aid that she purchased resulted in a dramatic improvement in her hearing and the hearing aid is very easy to place into the ear and remove without it falling out. She suggested them to me and I set up a free hearing examination for myself.

The examination was free of charge and I selected their Completely-in-the-Canal solution that includes a 2 year warranty that covers loss and damage. This hearing aide is comfortable and fits nicely while not obvious when worn. Because of the variety online I am able to have the best hearing solution at a very low price. My quality of life is restored and I do not have to miss out on any special family occasions, I was scared that I would lose the sounds of life that go along with the sights. However, I found hearing products worked well in my situation and restored my hearing while the best aspect was the fair and affordable prices.

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