Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Community and Fitness

Guest posted by Angela Dawks

I am the type of person who waits for summer during all of the other seasons. My favorite part of summer is the fact that I live in a small town and can feel like a part of the community while I jog. I take my summer vacation daily at certain times or just in little 30 minute breaks.

I love to run at 6 am because that is when the local coffee shop opens across town. It is about a 4 mile jog round-trip and a great way to start my day. I keep my key around my neck, throw on my running shoes, set my adt alarm system and head out of my house. The air is still cool early in the morning and most people in my town are leaving early to travel a distance for work. I love working at home because I can go for a run whenever I want.

When I get to the coffee shop, there is a line of cars and people waiting for a breakfast bagel and cup of coffee. I get my coffee and have a seat while I people watch and talk to the others sitting adjacent to me. I know most of the morning people now, as I am a usual fixture in my jogging shorts, sweat shirt and running shoes. We discuss politics, jobs and kids mostly. The winter months aren't as friendly, therefore, the people are in more of a rush.

I make sure to run in the residential areas when I take my return trip home, so I can enjoy the blooming gardens and smell of dew on grass. Feeling like I am part of my community while I enjoy fitness is a great benefit. Many times I find my self jogging to go meet friends or have a cup of tea with my family because it is faster than weaving through traffic with a car. I guess I am just used to the fact that in the summer my main attire is what I pickup at the sporting goods store.

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