Friday, May 28, 2010

Shopping and being a mommy

Shopping is one of my favorite thing to do. I think most women do hehe. I shop for gifts for my loved ones, if I have extra money in my pocket and if I see things that I need and I like. When I was single, I am addicted in buying shoes and clothing. But now that I am married and has a son, I am now into buying gifts to my hubby and getting addicted in buying baby stuff.

Baby stuff are so cute and adorable. I love buying cute clothes and outfit for my son and I love buying those bib with funny writings on it. Speaking of that, my son has a bib that says "Cutie on Duty" with a military fatigue design. He also has a bib that says "Daddy's little tough guy". I love buying toys for my son too. I love watching him play with his colorful educational toys that makes loud sounds and bright lights. I don't know, but since I got pregnant and became a mommy, I go straight to the baby/kids section instead of going to women's section in the mall. I don't know how to explain that but I just love and I am happy that I put my son's need first before mine.

Sometimes it is hard for me to go to malls and stores to shop because I am busy taking care of my son and doing house chores. So instead of just going to stores I am more likely shop online. Online shopping is very convenient for me because I can shop wearing my night suit and shop while watching my baby. In online shopping you can choose variety of selection plus sometimes you'll be shock how cheap the prices are compare to the prices in the store. Some online websites offer free shipping too which is another way of saving money in shopping. I also won't have hard time looking for parking space, be in lone line to pay the items I am buying, pay gas money and most of all, I can avoid the crowd.

I actually enjoy shopping online. It makes my shopping time more convenient, cheaper, hassle free and safer.

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