Saturday, May 1, 2010

We found bunnies!

I was talking to my mom in the Philippines on the phone early this morning when my dad-in-law knocked on the door. He said "Dian, come over here when you have time. I wanna show you something". So I went to him after I spoke to my mom.

I found him in the yard with my niece. Seems like they are looking for something. My dad said "Better watch your step or you might step on them". I said "What is it?" I was thinking they found spiders. He said "Show it to her Allie" Allie is my niece. Alli pointed a little wild bunny. It was so cute. Dad said that there were 4 bunnies in the yard and there is one bunny missing now. He told us not to touch them or else they will die. He showed us the nest of the bunnies and we can't find the mother bunny so all the little bunnies kept on hopping all over the yard. This is the first time I was able to get really close to wild bunnies. I see them most of the time during spring and summer but I wasn't able to get near them because they run everytime I get close to them hehe.

Allie wants to have them as a pet so badly hehe but that is impossible because they will eventually die if you touch them. The picture above is just one of those bunnies we found.

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