Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Officially five years :)

We've known each other now for 5 years!! WoW! Seems like it was just yesterday. Hubby and I met April of 2005 in Yahoo! Literati. We were trying to figure out on what was the exact date we met but we can't remember on what day it was.

It was late afternoon that day when I decided to play yahoo literati. I most of the time play that game when I have free time. He was my opponent. At first, we didn't talked to each other til we started second game. I was impressed on how good he was in scrabble. He said hi to me and I said hi back at him. I usually don't talk to strangers specially people on the internet, but I don't know and I can't understand why I had conversion with him (and I am glad I did hehe). We started exchanging Yahoo ID's and everything started into friendship.

I believe that God will send you the right person in perfect time. You don't need to find love because love will find you. Here is one of my song to my hubby. It is entitled "When I met you" by Apo Hiking Society.

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