Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Vinyl Siding Project

This is a guest post by Mark Alterson

Painting a home is a pain. It chips and eventually looks bad again. We decided to install vinyl siding ourselves, although we bought some sears vinyl siding beforehand. Having a ranch made it easy, and more affordable. Although it can be done alone, my husband recruited his friends to help.

Choosing the type of siding is difficult. My husband wanted dutch lap and I agreed. But there are so many color choices. Making sure it matched my new roof, we went with a beige. We purchased the materials from the local supply company, and we already had the tools. A good ladder, a table saw with a reverse blade, and some nails were the biggest materials that we needed.

Once we started the project the guys prepared the house, prepped the windows, and wrapped them with pre-formed window molding. Installing the vinyl siding seemed like a relatively smooth process. One guy measured, one cut the siding, and my husband installed it. It seemed to just fit together, one over another. I am sure it's more difficult, but I'm a girl. It got a little more tricky around sliding doors, windows and up into the eaves. They did it and it looked great.

We also went with some super corners in a cool white color and I loved it. The rake edge trim was a little hard to do and it looked awesome when it was finished. I am very happy with my home's new face. If you are mechanically inclined, you can do it too.

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