Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hanging Tomato

Last Spring, we planted some flowers in front of our house. But sadly, somebody stepped on it :( So this time, we thought of planting hanging tomato :D

We always want to plant tomatoes but we are kinda hesitant about doing it because kids might just play with it and step on it again like what happened last year so we decided why not try the upside down hanging tomato? When we bought the Topsy Turvy, what's inside it is only the green thing that will hold the tomato upside down. So we went to the store to buy 2 tomato plants and potting soil and hang it in our tree.
We were kinda shocked because one of the flowers (Red Dianthus) that we planted last year is back. We never expected that they will bloom back because the rest of the flowers that we had died. I got curious and searched red dianthus online. It says that it is a perennial plant. Yay! I forgot about planting a perennial plant last year but good thing we did hehe. We are hoping that nobody will mess up with the few plants that we have this spring. We are also hoping to have good tomatoes for our hamburger this summer :D

This is the red dianthus that is back.

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