Thursday, April 29, 2010

Organizing socks and underwear

I watched Martha Stewart Show this morning and it made me inspired to clean our room. Don't make me wrong, I clean our room but of course I most of the time schedule cleaning our room. But after watching Marthe Stewart Show, I immediately went in our room and cleaned our fridge, hubby's closet and did the laundry.
I watched how Martha organized her closet and that is what I did to my hubby's closet too. Here is a pic of the before and after of his closet.

Hubby loves buying white socks. Since all his socks won't fit in his closet, I threw the old ones (and underwear) so that everything will fit in it hehe. I use to fold his socks and underwear in a different way but I learned a much better way of organizing underwear and socks thru Martha's Show. Yeah, my hubby's closet was messy (I think most guys are like that) but I am happy how organized it is now. And hubby doesn't mess up his closet anymore whenever he needs to get his socks and underwear in this kind of arrangement.

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  1. Martha Stewart Show, God I love her tips. Helped me to put my home in order.
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