Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boats for Sale

Summer is coming pretty soon so me and my family are thinking of some activities to do this summer. My idea is for us to go swimming in a beach resort or lake and they all agreed. My hubby is planning of boating too. He said it'll be fun specially that I haven't experienced boating my entire life hehe.

My hubby had a boat but we sold it because we want a new one so I decided to browse the internet and typed boat for sale. I saw lots of nice boats that I like but of course I don't know much about boats so I asked hubby on what are the things to consider in buying a boat. He said that the boat should have a good trolling motors specially if we are buying used boat. The electronics of the boat should be in good condition too and it should have not too big/small storage for our rods. Another thing to consider is the price. We are actually looking for a boat that will fit our budget.

I can't wait on summer and ride on our new boat! Ok, I need to research now on boat buying tips. Oh! I am so excited!

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