Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Philippine 2010 Election

I asked my Filipina friends if it is possible for us (Filipinas here in the US) to vote this coming Philippine May 2010 Election. They said that I better contact the nearest Philippine Consulate Office in our area. So I called Philippine Consular in Chicago and inquired about my concern. The Filipino guy who answered the phone told me that I am already late for the registration of Absentee Voters. I asked on when was the last date of the registration, he said "The last date of registration was Aug of last year on all Philippine Consulate here in the US". He also said that they already posted the list of registered voters here in the US in their website and all the official ballots were already sent to them.

I wish I knew about this registration earlier so I'll be able to cast my vote on this coming election.
Lesson learned? I should always be up to date on the current news in the Philippines.

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