Thursday, April 22, 2010

Custom Labels

Last night, hubby came home from work and he said that he stopped by at the store to buy baby foods. When he got home, he was carrying this bucket-like-thing. I asked him " What is that?" he said "This is for the baby." I stopped what I was doing and looked at it. I read the Custom Label and it says "Wash Pod".

I never heard of Wash Pod before so I looked closely on it. I saw a picture of a baby in the wash pod and that gave me an idea right away on what is the use of this Wash Pod. I immediately imagined our baby inside that thing and it made me smile. I told myself "Oh! our baby will look so cute in it" hehe. I also so saw a caution sign at the back of it. It says "Children can fall into baths and drown in very shallow water". So I only put enough water that the baby will use, enough wherein he would not drown himself and of course, I would never leave my baby unattended to avoid drowning.

Reading Custom Labels are good. It tell us warnings, cautions, instructions and labels right away. Sometimes we don't even need to read the instruction manual because it is already said in the custom label. Custom labels are actually a big help in the industrial business and in the military. They give hazardous warnings, instructions and danger signs.

Our baby was really happy with the wash pod that hubby bought. I actually thought that that wash pod is a waste of money since the baby has a bath tub already. But seeing my baby all smiling and playing with water is a very happy sight to see :)

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