Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our dog got loose last month and we can't find her no more :( She is half labrador and half retriever. We are thinking its either she was caught by the dog catcher or someone took her and they are taking care of her now. Right now, we are thinking of having another dog as part of our family. I love dogs since I was a kid. We always have dog/s since I was little so now that our black dog is gone, I want to have a new one.

We are thinking of having Labradoodle. It is cross between labrador and poodle. Why do we want that breed? It says on Animal Planet that Labrador dogs are very loyal and Poodles are the smartest dog plus they are both kids friendly. Those are qualities that we are looking for a dog so I think that that breed is the best in our family. Specifically, I want F1B labradoodle. Do you wanna know the F1B labradoodle definition? F1B Labradoodle are the labradoodles backcrossed to a poodle. Are labradoodle hypoallergenic dogs? Studies says that they are hypoallergenic but we need to be aware that there is no dog that is allergy safe to everybody.

I really want to have a labradoodle dog because I find this breed suitable in our lifestyle plus I like how they look like. Oh! I can't wait to have another dog. This is what labradoodle dog look like.

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