Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's my BIRTHDAY!!!!

I am so happy today! I woke up this morning and I saw 70+ birthday greetings on my Facebook Wall. I was touched because I was remembered by my family, relatives and friends. My family in the Philippines also called me and they all spoke to me. My nephew in the Philippines sang Happy Birthday song to me. Aww! that was so sweet. My family back there also celebrated my birthday. They bought cake, ube ice cream and they cooked pansit for me. Isn't that sweet that they celebrated my birthday even though I wasn't there?
Here in the US, we had simple celebration. Hubby bought cake and we had porkchops, mac and cheese, potatoes and beans for dinner. I am also happy because he gave me Topaz earrings with diamonds to match with the bracelet he gave me last Valentines :D

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