Monday, April 5, 2010

Christian the Lion

I watched Animal Planet yesterday and once again, I watched the story of Christian the Lion. This is a true to life story of a lion that was bought by 2 men in a pet store in London. Back then, it was legal to have a wild pet. They took care of him when he was a cub til he gets 1 yr old and on the other hand Christian treated them as his own parents. They set him free in Africa because he can no longer live in the city of London because of his size and of course we all know that he is STILL an "animal". After a year of being in Africa, Christian was visited by the men who took care of him. For unbelievable reason, Christian still remembered them and their reunion was a very heart warming one.

I can't believe that a wild animal like Christian has a very soft and gentle heart. This story proves that a beast could still have a heart. I know that this story is all over the internet but I wanna share this story for those people who haven't heard this beautiful story. I cry every time I watch the video.

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