Monday, April 19, 2010

I will get back in shape and this time, I MEAN IT!!!

I always get depress every time I see myself on the mirror because of my body shape. I was only 123-125 lbs. before I got pregnant. And after I gave birth, I weight 132-134 lbs. I seriously not happy with my weight and shape now so I decided to have good diet plan and do some exercise. I avoid fatty foods and chocolates. I lessen the sugar that I am eating. More fruits and veggies for me. And I do 40 mins of Pilates once a day.

I started doing Pilates last Friday and it made my whole body sore specially my arms the next day. That is because my whole body has not been exercised that well for a very long time LOL! Saturday afternoon, I mowed our yard even though my arms were sore from the exercise I had. That was the first time I learned how to mow our yard. I did it because I want to sweat more to lose more weight hehe. I was glad to learn how to mow though.

This afternoon, I did Pilates again in the living room and it was funny because my nephew (5 yrs. old) and niece (3 yrs. old) who saw me doing Pilates was imitating me lol! They stopped imitating me after they caught me looking at them. They got shy that is why they stopped. Kids are really cute, they like mimicking things.

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