Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Awesome Stones

We went to this nearby store where they sell different kinds of stones, gem stones and rocks. Before we go inside the store, we were welcomed by these huge rocks. They have blue, violet, maroon and green. I tried to lift one of them but oh my! It was freaking heavy so I wasn't able to lift it. Here are some of the pictures I have taken.
Violet Stones

Blue Stones

Maroon Stones

Before getting there I thought I'll get bored because my dad-in-law said that what I'll see inside are rocks. I told myself "Eh! rocks?" LOL! But I got giddy getting inside just right after I saw those colorful rocks outside the store. Inside the store, I can't count how many kinds of rocks and stones were there. All of them are gorgeous with different sizes, shapes, colors and designs. There were jewelry that was carved in gems and necklaces, ring and earrings with gemstone as pendants. There were also home decors made out of rocks. And also, you can buy tools with instructions on how to carve and design rocks and gems. But what really caught my attention was a fossil of a sea dinosaur. I forgot the name of that dinosaur as it was a looong name but there is one thing I remembered about it. It is EXPENSIVE LOL!

I wish I was able to take more pics of the rocks and gems inside the store to share here but the battery of my digicam got low battery (which was a bummer!) so I wasn't able to take pics :(

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