Friday, April 9, 2010

Poreotix is the ABDC Season 5 Champion

Hoorraayy! Their ABD (Asian Booty Disease LOL!) Rocked on the stage and they got the trophy and title of America's Best Dance Crew Season 5 Champion. I am so happy for them!

Last night I watched the show and I was nervous and excited to know on who will win the game. Poreotix and Blue Print Cru are both good group of dancers. The game last night was like Asian Vs. Canadian hehe. Blue Print Cru are good dancers too that is why I was nervous wreck last night because I want Poreotix to win. I think another reason why Poreotix won is because of their sense of humour that can be seen on their dance steps and their charisma to the audience. I can say that they are also creative and innovative in dancing. I also noticed that they did their best on every performances they did every week.

Woohooo! My votes wasn't wasted LOL! This is their Champ performance.

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